Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Tea Service

The Tea Service was the result of an exchange of images between AIM, Gasp and Debajo Del Sombero.

The artists from AIM developed the idea and invited our European partners to take part. 
The artists at AIM were keen to find a creative way to engage with other groups, organisations and local community networks in Bristol, to discuss and share ideas about a wide range of topics including art, disability and local history.

The work was made by creating a tea service by using ceramic photographic transfers and applying them to chinaware. 

Once made this purpose-made tea set was used as a way to invite others to join us at the table for art, tea and discussion. The discussions were led by the artists using their artwork as the starting point, creating opportunities for different and diverse groups to meet share experiences and ideas in a relaxed informal way.

The finished work was launched at Spike Island Open Studios in 28th April 2017 and lasted for four days. It was a great weekend meeting and talking to many interesting groups and individuals. 

Tea Service is now starting its tour in the Bristol area and is will next be at the Arnolfini art gallery in October 2017 as part the Grayson Perry Exhibition.

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