Thursday, 29 June 2017

Belén and the record machine

During the last artist’s Exchange in Cork, Belen new already what was going to be her next project.

In the first image, she is rehearsing with an electric piano, playing the same musical chord that will be with us all week long from the beginning to the end.

The next Belen’s demand was a baby trolley where she placed the piano and a black doll, tied all together with tape, cables and ropes. 

With the time, the trolley was filled up with objects that she has had recycled with an order that only she new about it.

Belen and Jessica's Trolleys

Finally, in Madrid after a year and a half, the process has been repeated. Belen has reproduced her Records Machine, and she uses it together with Cai Tomos, an artist from wales, as she did in the past with the musicians Katie Whelan y Mick O´Shea, giving a continuation to the process happened in Cork.

Belén Sánchez and Mick O´Shea

New record machine

Belén Sánchez and Cai Tomos

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