Thursday, 29 June 2017

Mario acting Garnet character

The first sing of Garnet was in 2015 in Tabacalera, during a mural painting session, when preparing the first workshop in Madrid.
Since then, Mario has been working on this animating character, a new process was slowly been opened.

In Mario’s work we can see a lot of similarities with AIM (Bristol), around the story and its representation through the clothing, being more precise with the work of Betty Sargent.

Garnet's weak

Detail of Garnet's weak

Garnet's globes

Most recently the clothing elaboration on the process of Garnet (weak and globes) has gone a further step in the imitation of the character.

At the moment, Mario together with the wales artist Cai Tomos, is starting the first movements in the representation of the character.

Mario Batanero acting Garnet, together with 
Cai Tomos (Nave 10, Matadero-Madrid, 2017)

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